My name is Thomas and I primarily work as a software engineer mainly interested in backend development or web-based full stack development. Despite this being my primary role, I have experience in Dev Ops, Cloud, IT Infrastructure as an engineer. I also have a vested interest in security and privacy.

For software engineering I have extensive experience working with Meteor.js as a full stack library, and also worked with REST APIs using Flask or Express and tying it in with React or AJAX/jQuery.

My main area of expertise is Node.js, for which I’ve been writing applications in 4 years, but I also have a soft spot for Python, Java, C and C++. I’m also a strong advocate for open source software, so I try to open source any of my modules for the public on my GitHub.

For my education I have a Bachelor of Computer Science. I have various hobbies such as being into fitness and going to the gym (and I always love to chat about this!), and I’m a big gamer too in my spare time but most days I find myself spending my spare time in VS Code writing up something for a personal project.

As for where jfx came from, well I thought it sounded and looked cool and aestheticly pleasing so I used it and it’s stuck ever since. This is my main alias online.

This blog

This is a dedicated to my rambling thoughts about anything but primarily tech and privacy.

This blog is running off Jekyll which is very cool. It’s also hosted on GitHub Pages and it uses GitHub Actions for CI/CD in order to allow for custom themes and Gem files (and the latest version of Jekyll). A link to the blog’s GitHub repository is here.