My name is Thomas or Tom and I work as a Dev Ops engineer primarily touching AWS.

I enjoy writing software in Node.js/TypeScript, Python, and Bash. I try and open-source anything interesting on my GitHub.

I previously worked on before working full-time. Now days in my spare time, I try my best to make sure it’s running OK.

I also spend my spare time on various hobbies, such as: listening to music, watching movies, fitness/gym, gaming, and learning about new tech. I’m always keen to chat around any of these topics :)

As for where jfx came from, I thought it sounded and looked cool and aestheticly pleasing so I used it and it’s stuck ever since. This is my main alias online.

This blog

This is a dedicated to my rambling thoughts about anything but primarily tech and privacy.

This blog is running off Jekyll which is very cool. A link to the blog’s GitHub repository is here.